-Sports, team, school themed
  -Team/school RIVALRY themed
  -FWT Sporty Turf Toppers™
  -Fun "What a Drag" groom, bride
  -Fun "Pulling Away" bride, groom
  -Fun "She Holds the Key" themed
  -Elegant archway background
  -Hobbies, occupations, interests
  -Animals, characters, cartoons
  -Fancy, floral, holidays, colors
  -Anniversary, baby, birthday
       *     *     *   
  -Sports, team, school themed
  -Team/school RIVALRY themed
  -Hobbies, occupations, interests
  -Animals, characters, cartoons
  -Fancy, floral, holidays, colors
  -Camo camouflage themed
         *     *     *     
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If you're looking for a unique wedding cake topper destined to be a memorable conversation piece at your reception, Fun Wedding Things has you covered!

We carry an extensive line of wedding cake toppers, including:

  • Sports, team, and school themed cake toppers
  • Fancy, floral, holiday, and color themed cake toppers
  • Hobby, occupation, and general interest related cake toppers
  • Animal, pet, character, and cartoon related cake toppers
  • Anniversary, baby, and birthday cake toppers
  • Smaller and/or groom's cake wedding cake toppers
Don't miss our Fun Wedding Things exclusive "Turf Toppers"™ and our "team rivalry" cake toppers!"

We also include a free plastic display box with all of our cake topper purchases - our Fun Wedding Things gift to you! Great to store your keepsake topper in for years to come!

***Remember that the "Search Site" box at the top right will help you find a particular item quickly - just type in the name of anything you're looking for, and click the pink "GO" button.

Please note: We use a multitude of different fabrics, trims, and adornments for our wedding cake toppers. These are not licensed products. They are, however, individually handcrafted items made from lawfully purchased, licensed fabric and adornments. Fun Wedding Things is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or licensed by any of the characters, teams, organizations, companies, or fabric manufacturers shown in any manner. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Please see our FAQs for more information.
-Sports, team, school themed-Team/school RIVALRY themed-FWT Sporty Turf Toppers™
-Fun "What a Drag" groom, bride-Fun "Pulling Away" bride, groom-Fun "She Holds the Key" themed
-Elegant archway background-Hobbies, occupations, interests-Animals, characters, cartoons
-Fancy, floral, holidays, colors-Anniversary, baby, birthday * * *


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